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Nowadays, many of us feel that stability is a luxury that not everyone can access. And this stability is also reflected in the places where we live. Buy a house Is always a challenging step to take. Renting is almost always the best option.

But as soon as we arrived, we closed the door to the new house and began to take our things of the boxes, we get that feeling that this is not really our home.

But if we are paying rent, no matter how long we stay there, but the quality of the time we will stay. Therefore, and if we can not control the time or the unpredictability of life, we must decorate our house in a way that we can feel good and relaxed, with that feeling of “at home” that we all seek.

Although we can not turn the house completely inside out, we can make many transformations in it.


I leave here some of them to inspire you:

1. Let’s paint. No matter what kind of house you live in, painting is the simplest way to bring color and warmth to your home. Although most landlords do not like this option, talk to them to see if you can open an exception. Usually works.
It is very important that you make sure that painting will not be a problem. After that, follow the basic painting rules: dark colors combine best in spaces with lots of natural light and small spaces and in low light, need lighter colors. Neutral colors also work very well in the rooms, since they are places destined to relax.


2. Cover the walls. There are many other ways to bring color to your home besides painting. When buying pieces of furniture, opt for neutral colors for the tables and chairs. So based in that shape, you will be able to play brightly with colorful cushions and other decorative elements.
No color is forbidden. Feel free to mix colors that work well together.
For example, if you have orange accents, put some red and / or yellow cushions. Don’t be afraid to cover the walls with frames and photos of family and friends. You can paint these same frames so that they combine with the rest of the decoration. Another option for the walls is hanging tapestry and of course, the famous wallpapers that you can use and replace whenever you want. Dare to experiment.


3. Lighting. This is a point I always insist on talking about. It is a very simple rule of decoration. Darkness in a house makes the spaces looks much smaller than they are, and also, not very cheerful. You can use any type of lighting you like, use and abuse
Especially if the house does not have a lot of natural light. Always remember to use soft lights and also economical,like LED’s.


4. Make Magic. Place the curtain rod closer to the ceiling and you will be able to create the fantastic illusion that the windows are much larger than they actually are. Don’t cover them totally because it helps that the space seems bigger also. For this same effect of a bigger space hang mirrors on the walls. Try to organize well all the forniture so that spaces can flow and be in harmony and do not use too many pieces.
Remember, “Less is more”.


5. Have fun. This is the most important point! Do what you enjoy doing the most and transform your homein what you really want. You will have to live in it and see it every day.


Good decor!



If you like this theme, share it with your friends on social networks. And remember, do the best you can for your home even if you do not know what time you will go pass on it. The quality of time is unquestionably more important. After all, a happy space, provides a happier life as well.

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