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Some of us have a certain ability for design. We know exactly what colors to match, what patterns go well with each other, what colors to use, and in what areas the blue gets stunning and where the red is unthinkable. Others of us spent the days scrolling through Pinterest to get a good idea to remodel our house and we ended up postponing the decoration months after months. And when we risk, reality does not seem to live up to our expectations.


Today, we want to show you the (simple) tricks that interior decoration professionals use and that will give you the opportunity to get the dream house you’ve been wanting for so long.


1 – Color Patterns


If you are thinking of doing a more “radical” reform, the first step is to define a color palette. First, choose the basic color scheme for the whole house and then you can think about the decor.


2 – Use Verticality


Choose strong vertical and avoid horizontal. Long mirrors and high curtains, for example, will give amplitude to any space. And if you keep the furniture down, the areas will look bigger and taller.


3 – Abuse in Textures


A neutral decor can be interesting. Just include a variety of materials. Use light colors on paints and furniture and play with textures on decorations and wallpaper.


4 – Swap chairs for banks


Dining room benches may not be conventional, but they sure are quite cozy. And irreverent. Try spreading different dining chairs and benches across your dining table. It will give it a truly special and unique touch.


5 – Use the 50/100 rule


In your home décor, mix 50% lighter paint than the base and another 150% darker. It is a safe method for dismembering a wall and an architectural way of using colors.


6 – Wear velvet


We do not know until when, but velvet is a big trend right now. Try placing a large, colorful velvet sofa in your living room.


7 – Buy a good sofa


An important tip: Do not save on the couch. In addition to a sofa being the king of a room for its greatness, it should be beautiful and, above all, comfortable.


8 – Experience high contrast


Use some pieces of furniture that contrast with the rest of the decor. Don’t be afraid to be bold.


9 – Choose the curtains well


Especially if you have a small space and want to make it bigger, opt for high curtains that go from the ceiling to the floor. If you plan to use curtains that are already finished and not made to measure, make sure that at least these touch the floor.


10 – Paint the ceilings


Painting the ceiling slightly lighter than the tone of the walls will make the space illusorily larger and wider.


11 – Risk on Dark


Diving into strong tones can be intimidating, but the best way is to dive right in head. One of the most successful strategies is to paint a strong color on everything from the skirting board and crown molding to the walls. It works well because it is not contrasted with a different color.


12 – Create “illusions”


In bathrooms, most people opt for frosted glass or opaque curtains for extra privacy, even if the fully transparent doors seem more beautiful to them. But there is something to be said for transparency: if the walls are square, the glass shower doors add instant square images. To complete the illusion, run the tiles directly to the base, which will make it appear larger too.


13 – Hang mirrors


As we have advised in previous articles, use and abuse of mirrors. They will increase the spaces. But pay attention to what they will reflect. Try to reflect the beautiful chandelier in the dining room, for example. An important tip: Don’t put mirrors in front of a door. It will shrink the environment and make it stifling.


14 – Different cushions


Use different cushions on your couch or bed to break the monotony. The ideal is to bring contrast with cheerful colors. Bet on velvet and animal or plant patterns.


15 – Remember the Hall


The entrance hall of your house is the visiting card. Choose a nice console (or sideboard) and combine with a beautiful wallpaper or a plant. Do not overdo objects on decorations.

These are small and simple tips but they will make the real difference in the decor of your home. If you know a trick we have not mentioned, share it with us in the comments.

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    Good Morning, recently I decorated our company’s office (it was fun and messy at the same time) and I decided to write up an article on how to decorate a home on a budget. It would be superb if you could publish this little guide of mine on your blog.

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