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From very early times wood is used, both in construction and in interior decoration. It is an element that adapts to any room and, given its characteristics, transmits warmth and comfort.

The wood can be used in different ways, in its most natural state or modified according to the needs and demands of each person.

“We have the current tendency to work with more gray and yellowish tones of the woods. Most of these colors do not really exist in nature, but they are no less accepted. Consumers are very

fond of the result and do not care if the material is not 100% natural or faithful in color and textures, “says designer and architect Katalin Stammer, supervisor of the European Center’s

design core.

The use of wood, as well as elements that imitate it (wallpaper, vinyl, among others), comes from the noble aspect that this brings to each environment. From classic to contemporary

designs, this can be found in furniture, floors, objects or floor and ceiling coverings. Recently, there was a return to the use of wood flooring, also known as Ecopiso – a composition of natural

wood with processed wood.

“The benefit of this floor is to allow the effect, color and texture of noble flooring combined with the ease of installation – similar to laminated floors – at competitive cost and less use of natural

resources (in the case of noble woods). This type of flooring also allows the same flooring material to rise up the walls and overlook the house with interesting effects, “says Katalin.

In addition to all these positive features, wood has another advantage: it can be worked and sculpted easily and, for that very reason, be recovered and recycled, becoming new and

beautiful furniture or objects. Have you ever thought about it?


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