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19 March, 2018

When we think about decorating our children’s bedrooms, comfort and aesthetics are the first things that come our way. The room should have a comfortable bed and a well thought out and lively decor. But have you thought about how important it is that this space also cognitively stimulates our children? The bedroom can stimulate […]


5 March, 2018

Want to expand your business? Do you think the productivity of your business needs to increase but you’ve done everything you knew and nothing seems to change? Want to become more productive and don’t know how? With Lean Design you will be able to achieve all your goals and still surpass expectations.   This methodology […]


16 February, 2018

Autism Spectrum Disorders (PEA), “are a neurobehavioral syndrome that originates in disorders of the central nervous system that affect the normal development of the child. Symptoms occur in the first three years of life and include three major domains of disorder: social, behavioral, and communicational.” This is a neurological disorder characterized by impairment of social […]


8 February, 2018

At the end of the year 2017, Pantone released its annual report with those that would be its bets as the big trend colors for our year 2018. We all know that the world of art, design, fashion and decoration go hand in hand. And the proof of this is the famous Pantone report, color […]


5 February, 2018

    Maria Vilhena Design is present in the directory QUEM É QUEM in Architecture and Engineering. The directory with a selection of the best atelier’s in Portugal. Companies that stand out for their originality, creativity and functionality in their projects already materialized and published in the Preliminary Projects. This is a unique work in […]

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22 January, 2018

It is 10pm and you are already thinking that tomorrow will be another day of work, those well filled. You list the tasks in your head … you already know them by heart, you know exactly what you need to do and you even have an idea of how much time you need for each […]


11 January, 2018

I bet you started the new year saying you need to take more care of yourself. Thar you need more time to pamper yourself and to relax. I also imagine that by now you’re starting to worry, because has already spent a week and you haven’t done what you planned to do. I imagine, understand […]


14 December, 2017

Every time you enter in your living room, you feel that you don’t like anything anymore, and you get that feeling of guilt that saddens you, because you decorated it a year ago and already wants to change everything Now what are you going to do? Buying new furniture becomes very expensive and, in fact, […]


4 December, 2017

In November we launched an article with some tricks for parents to keep their homes organized and without the toys of their children scattered throughout the house. Today we write for you, with or without children at home, but with the same challenge: keep the house organized.   Consider yourself neat and tidy, but can’t […]