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9 August, 2018

Nowadays, getting a home with good areas can become a real challenge. Therefore, the need arises to make the most of small spaces, avoiding some common mistakes when decorating. Decorating an apartment or house with small areas, although more usual nowadays – especially in younger age groups – can be much simpler than you think. […]


16 July, 2018

Our most precious asset is time.   It has always been, of course, but nowadays, men and women, adults and kids, count their time very carefully.   Activities increase, careers are increasingly demanding and free time on our agenda becomes scarcer day by day. Our generation asks for practicality. But we also demand quality. We […]


9 July, 2018

Some people say that just having the money to make a good business model and build the company of your dreams is enought. This may even be a good starting point or a good lever, but as we mentioned in a previous article, what makes a company grow healthy are the people who work on […]


25 June, 2018

If you like to keep up to date, I have something new for you. Pantone has already released its new fall-winter color report this year.   The new and creative colors that arrive in the last quarter of 2018 express the need for individuality. There will be a great focus on expressive self colors.   […]


11 June, 2018

How many of us spend most of our time in the workplace?   The days have 24 hours, about 8 hours are spent sleeping, 2 hours to eat and 2 others are spended to prepare to go to sleep, prepare food or prepare to go to work another 8 hours a day, when it is […]


18 May, 2018

Those who already had the opportunity to stay in a hotel room are well aware of the incredible sense of well-being that momently offers them a new life. A more exquisite, lighter, more comfortable life. Almost the life of our dreams! It is possible to bring the hotel room to your home, you know? Typically, […]

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7 May, 2018

Today I want to leave you the inspiring trends of decoration Spring-Summer for this year:   Wabi-Sabi The ‘Wabi-Sabi’ concept, is carefree and easy to apply, finding beauty in imperfection. The important thing here is authenticity and staying true to yourself. This concept – and tendency – goes back to Japan from the 15th century […]


19 March, 2018

When we think about decorating our children’s bedrooms, comfort and aesthetics are the first things that come our way. The room should have a comfortable bed and a well thought out and lively decor. But have you thought about how important it is that this space also cognitively stimulates our children? The bedroom can stimulate […]


5 March, 2018

Want to expand your business? Do you think the productivity of your business needs to increase but you’ve done everything you knew and nothing seems to change? Want to become more productive and don’t know how? With Lean Design you will be able to achieve all your goals and still surpass expectations.   This methodology […]