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Want to expand your business? Do you think the productivity of your business needs to increase but you’ve done everything you knew and nothing seems to change? Want to become more productive and don’t know how? With Lean Design you will be able to achieve all your goals and still surpass expectations.


This methodology can be applied to any business. The goal is to eliminate 7 types of waste: overproduction, waiting time, transportation, over-processing, inventory, movement and defects. That is, eliminate any component that is not adding value to the business and the way the company and all employees work.

When applied correctly, Lean can create truly impressive improvements. Almost immediately, the quality of labor rises at the same time as production costs fall.


You may now be thinking that this methodology might be more suitable for manufacturing companies, as it was developed by a Toyota executive during the post-war reconstruction period in Japan. But no, this incredible management methodology is not restricted to any industry. With Lean, you can improve how a team works, improve inventory management, and even connect with your customers.


Lean Design can help you become more efficient in your work, streamlining it and making it faster. For this, a detailed study of the work and the way of working of each employee is made, so that it becomes increasingly agile, more effective, more productive, working in high performance and bringing more and more value to the company.


Imagine this small example: if you use your printer 3 times a day and if you have to walk 10 times 3 times, breaking your work routine and flow, how much time do you think you lose? And now: imagine that the printer is right next to you and that the only thing you need to do is stretch your arm to pick up the sheet, continuing your work pace without unnecessary interruptions. The example of the printer is 1, in the universe of thousands, of which we do not even take the true conscience when we have the “autopilot” turned on. Do you understand now how much time you can save on lean design?


There are a number of tricks that can be applied to make your workplace clean, efficient and safe, generating high levels of performance and productivity.


If you already know this methodology and would like to share with us your results or if you want to know more, leave us a comment here.

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