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Every time you enter in your living room, you feel that you don’t like anything anymore, and you get that feeling of guilt that saddens you, because you decorated it a year ago and already wants to change everything

Now what are you going to do? Buying new furniture becomes very expensive and, in fact, does not even know very well what to do. Truth?

What if I tell you that you can easily transform your living room decor without having to mess around with your budget? See the tricks I have for you and enjoy the beginning of the new year that is just coming to transform your room in a very simple way. New Year, New Room!


The cushions, besides giving a beautiful and elegant touch, are excellent objects of decoration. If your room’s colors are neutral, use colored or patterned cushions. If you are afraid to mix patterns, read this article we wrote a few months ago and you will see how much easier it is to imagine. You will be able to give your room an irreverent and enviable touch.


It’s so simple to change the decor of your living room with a new rug. It is an essential note, not only for the comfort it conveys but because, depending on the color or pattern, it can give life to any space.

Strong Color Furniture

You do not need to change all your furniture to have a different decoration. If you do not like large colored details, gaudy pillows or standardized wallpapers, opt for a furniture with a color that contrasts with the rest of the décor. Thus, the furniture gains prominence and it is possible to give color to the environment without needing many objects. Take a shot!

New Walls

A good idea is simply to change the color of your walls. It is an economical option and will give a completely renewed touch to your room. And of course, the famous wallpapers that have given so much to speak in recent years, are another genius hypothesis for your room. You can choose any color, any pattern … and when you get tired, you can easily change it.

Now take a piece of paper and a pen and write down all the things you want to buy to give that beautiful and new look to your home. Inspire yourself in the environments that I have to show you.

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