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When we think about decorating our children’s bedrooms, comfort and aesthetics are the first things that come our way. The room should have a comfortable bed and a well thought out and lively decor. But have you thought about how important it is that this space also cognitively stimulates our children?

The bedroom can stimulate coordination, motor and psychic development. This was the method initially created by Maria Montessori and is already scattered throughout the four corners of the world.



The Montesseorian bedrooms are designed to provide freedom, development and creativity. Toys, shelves, objects, colors … everything is developed and applied so that the children, besides being constantly stimulated in all their senses, can access their things without the help of an adult, stimulating their curiosity and creativity. Contrary to the usual, this decoration should be thought taking into account the children and their needs, and not the parents.

At this point, you must be thinking, “but a bedroom designed for a child, is a safe bedroom?” Of course. With this decoration the child can be free and secure at the same time. The objective is that this room offers total autonomy to the child, without ever putting him/her in danger.


Some tips for these rooms:

⁃ Choose to put the mattress on the floor or use a low bed, so that the child can lie down and get up without help
⁃ The organization of the bedroom is done by the child, with the help of the parents
⁃ It is advisable to choose containers, such as baskets and boxes, always within reach of the child, and these should be divided by different sections
⁃ Photos, pictures and mirrors, should live up to the child look
⁃ There must be different toys and books in the bedroom, as well as materials to make new craft projects, so that creativity is constantly stimulated



The Montessori Method encourages children to develop independence and self-discipline. Over time, they will be able to discover what their true passions are.


The secret is to decorate the bedroom beautifully, comfortably, safely and with various toys and playful activities available to your children, so that it can open wings to their imagination.

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