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It is 10pm and you are already thinking that tomorrow will be another day of work, those well filled. You list the tasks in your head … you already know them by heart, you know exactly what you need to do and you even have an idea of how much time you need for each one of them. This week has already begun to allocate hours for each “to do” in your agenda, in order to organize better and not lose focus. Every day you reorganize yourself and you have already used every possible strategy, but it seems that you never be able to do everything you need and want, and you finish your days with that frustrating feeling that suffocates you. And despite having worked 10 hours and being out late again, you feel that you don’t do everything you should. That’s truth?

But everything has a solution. You slhould know that there are many people with challenges very similar to yours and that there are small (great) tricks that can – and will – help.

Today I decided to create a short text with 6 tips that are fundamental to me and which I suggest you apply in your workplace, if you really want your days to start flowing better and to leave your workplace at the end of each day with that wonderful sense of accomplishment.




The first step, and one of the fundamental, is to get rid of all the confusion. Surely you’ve heard of how disorganization has a profound impact on our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. So by cleaning and organizing a space is automatically attracting vital energy that will help you to have more clarity, inspiration and focus.

It will be able to:

– Increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity
– Improve discipline, creativity and success
– Attract abundance
– Improve mental clarity and focus
– Reduce stress and help you feel more relaxed and peaceful
– Provide space for new projects and creative ventures to emerge

Get the habit of organizing and cleaning your table every day before you leave. Throw away unwanted papers, clean your desk, and don’t overload shelves with books you don’t read or things you don’t use. The same applies to your computer’s desktop if you use it. Organization is the key.




Make sure you are seated in a position of power. It is important that you can see the door when you are seated and, ideally, have a wide, peripheral view of the entire space.

The person who is further away from the door is always more powerful, since sitting next to it can easily be distracted by noises or by people coming and going and, of course, becoming more vulnerable and fragile. Someone who wants to stay focused at work shouldn´t be constantly interrupted.

Avoid sitting on your back or facing other people. Both positions tend to create conflict. If you can not avoid the second scenario, create a small barrier with your computer monitor, plant, or another object.




Decorate the space with images and objects that inspire you. Add flowers, pictures, photographies and images that remind you constantly of your dreams and goals. A kind of “vision board”, which will keep you always focused and oriented towards the destiny you want for yourself.

Your office and the objects that compose it should reflect the transformation you want in your life. Each object has a powerful influence on itself, so make sure it is positive.




There are two ways to balance and bring harmony into a space.

Let’s say, for example, you work in a cold environment with high ceilings, light colors, angular furniture, computers and lots of natural light. In this case, it will be necessary to balance the space. It can thus add curved or flowing shapes, darker colors, soft furniture and plants. Plants are an excellent choice for any environment, providing good environment and stimulating creativity.




A cor tem um poder incrível nas nossas vidas e no nosso bem-estar psicológico e físico. Quando escolher as cores para o seu escritório, tenha em conta algumas coisas:

Amarelo, laranja e verde claro, bem como azul-verde, dourado “pálido” e arenito, são boas opções para escritórios. Adicionando branco aumentará a clareza e o foco mental. Já os castanhos e tons de terra trazem estabilidade. No entanto, não estimulam a mente e a sua criatividade. Escolha bem as cores antes de pintar.




Keep stress and irritability to a minimum, by choosing furniture with rounded corners or by positioning sharp corners outside the traffic flow. Avoid strong lighting or high brightness as it can cause irritability and extreme tiredness. If possible, add music and running water to keep stress levels low.

These were just a few tips, but for me they are truly essential. I challenge you to start putting them into practice. I am sure you will notice the changes almost immediately and that, suddenly, everything will start flowing naturally.

Share with us tips that you know or have already used that have had a positive impact on your productivity and work environment, leaving a comment on our Facebook.

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